Twenty One


After being abandoned by John for the second time, Fawne threw herself into her work. She danced and stripped her way into forgetting about him. She shook what God gave her and in turn demanded the attention of hundreds of other men who did want her-- unlike John.

John didn’t want Fawne, at least not the way that she wanted to be wanted. John wanted what Fawne had to offer. He wanted long rowdy nights with her. He wanted the security of sleeping with a young, beautiful, sexual woman who didn’t think twice about aborting an unplanned baby. He wanted a woman who would always take him back, no matter what he did to her. He wanted a woman who could rattle a throaty growl in his ear and send shivers down his spine. He wanted the “idea” of Fawne, but when it was all said and done, he wanted to go home to his wife, return to his job as an attorney, and leave Fawne waiting in the shadows until the next time an urge hit him He needed a disposable woman to take the weight of the world out on. He needed someone who would love him whether he loved her or not-- these were all things that Fawne had to offer.

Fawne stood on the stage beside the pole, the colorful lights shimmering on her glittery skin. She slid out of her white Marilyn Monroe dress. The large fans at the edge of the stage blew and whipped through the sheer white number, revealing a tiny sliver of panties that covered the one thing that she had never shown at Stew’s. Stew’s was a gentleman’s club which meant that a tiny triangle patch of fabric was the one shred of privacy she had left. She ran her hands across her bare chest, teasing the eager on-lookers. They all watched as she moved, her red lips and short blonde wig transforming her into a skinnier Marilyn. Pat Benatar’s Shadows of the Night lured the audience into the moment with Fawne. She felt the music and it showed as her legs wrapped around the silver pole and her body defied gravity seductively. The lyrics “Surrender all your dreams to me tonight, they’ll come true in the end…” tempted the fantasies of the drooling men as Fawne twirled around the pole. Her clear pumps with like diamond endings to long silky legs. She knew that she had them in her grips, and was reminded again why she was so good at what she did, whether John loved her or not. This stage, these eyes, the lust that was warming up the room-- these were things that John could never take away from her no matter how hard he tried.

Bones was in the crowd of men, burning with jealousy. He and his wife were separated now, and his longing for Fawne was intensifying with each mind blowing erection that Fawne gave him. He wanted her-- he would take care of her. He would do anything she wanted him, but instead he just sat and watched her along with the other men who couldn’t have her either. He knew that Fawne’s heart was with still John, the stupid rich asshole who had abandoned her countless times already. He swore to himself that if he ever saw John again that he would punch him and dare him to ever set foot in the bar again. He would probably get fired for it, but Fawne was worth it. Even Judy, the waitress at the bar, picked on Bones about liking Fawne, asking him as they left work each night if he was going to Stew’s, and always knowing the answer. Of course he was going to Stew’s.

“Hi there.” Fawne said with a smile as she slid her chair closer to Bones’. She always made time between sets to talk to her friend.
Bones took a long sip of his beer and nodded to her, without a word. He had never been brave enough to buy a lap dance, but decided that if he could get drunk enough he would tonight. The wait had been eating away at him.

“You okay?” Fawne asked, seeing something troubled in his eyes.

“Sure, I’m okay.”

“Have you seen the kids this week?” Fawne asked, she always wondered how in the world he could make time for six children. She hadn’t even been able to handle one child.


Bones’ short replies stung Fanwe, she didn’t know what was wrong, but intended to find out. She only had five minutes before she would have to start giving the crowd some one-on-one attention. “Please talk to me, Bones.”

“About what? Nothing’s wrong. Just a long day.” Bones lied. What was wrong was the fact that a two hundred and twenty pound man was afraid to ask for what he wanted. It had been months and months since Fawne started working here, and now that he was a single man again, he shouldn’t be ashamed to tell Fawne about his harmless little crush.

“I’m not buying it.” Fawne said, shaking her head from side to side. She needed to run to the back and change and told Bones so.

“I’ll be here when you get back.”

“I know.” Fawne said, patting his strong arm and heading to ditch the Marilyn Monroe get-up for a tiny red g-string and a pair of red pasties. She would have to worry about Bones later, it was time to work now.

“Table 22.” Ginger said, directing Fawne to her first lap dance of the evening.

Without even thinking about it, Fawne put on a smile and pranced over to Bones. He was the only man at table 22. “Bones?”

Bones set his beer down and nodded dryly.

Fawne felt a flush of nervousness that was foreign to her and sat in her friend’s lap. Every move she made was thought out and calculated. She didn’t know what to make of it. Usually she would flirt and woo the man beneath her, but this was Bones! Not two months ago Bones had been married and off limits. Now he was the recipient of her x-rated services.

“You nervous?” Bones asked, sensing that that something was off. He didn’t regret buying her time, but wondered if it would make things weird between them.

“A little.” Fawne bit her lip and breathed in Bones’ scent. He was rugged. He smelled of beer and Cool Water. “I don’t know why.” she admitted.

“Relax.” Bones whispered, taking in Fawne’s weight against him. He had waited for this, but suddenly he realized that it was scaring Fawne. He had been like a Father to her there for awhile after her Grandparents kicked her out and now here he was asking her to seduce him.
Fawne did as she was told, blocking out the new feelings that were confusing her. She looked into his eyes and saw a softer more alive side to Bones. He was more than just a hard tough man, he was a human with feelings and desires. She saw desire in his steel gray eyes, and shivered. She had to block him out and simply do her job. She ran her hand across the stubble on his cheek and leaned back. Pushing her hips down toward his growing craving for her.

Bones watched as Fawne raised her arms and rolled her head. Her round breasts begging to be kissed and touched. He held the arms of the chair tight, reminding himself that she was not his. She didn’t want him anymore than she wanted any of the other men she climbed onto, she was just doing her job. He was paying for this.

Fawne saw Bones eyeing her chest and slowly peeled the red pasties off, running the sticky circles across his lips. As badly as she wanted to block him out, she couldn’t. She had never seen him so hot and bothered, and it turned her on. It had been a long time since anything about her job excited her, and she decided to take advantage of it. “I know what you want to do to me,” she whispered, her voice rattling alluringly.

Bones smirked at her and casually reached over for a sip of his beer. There were so many other things that he wanted to touch and taste, but for now beer would do. She had no idea what he wanted to do to her, no earthly idea.

Fawne stood up and bent over, shaking her rear end at Bones. She wanted to rattle him, but he remained cool, nonchalantly sipping his bottle of beer and watching her. She would just have to try harder. “Not only do I know what you want to do to me,” she hissed, licking her lips, “But I know what I’d do to you…”

Bones knew she was teasing him, but asked “What? Do tell.”

“Why tell when you can show?” Fawne whispered, her warm breath tickling his ear. Fawne slid back into his lap and rubbed her bare breasts over his face. Her nipple catching his stubble and her arms gently rippling with goose bumps. What was she doing? Why was she so hell-bent on arousing Bones? He was just a friend, nothing more. She would never date Bones. She ran her tongue across his neck, something she had never done to a customer before. She bounced up and down on him, suddenly wishing that the triangle of fabric wasn’t in her way.

Bones saw how excited Fawne was getting and couldn’t believe his eyes. He felt other men watching them, but blocked it out. For at least a few more minutes, Fawne was his and only his. His skin was damp with her kisses and licks, his need for her was growing. He wanted her more than he had ever wanted a woman in his entire life. He wanted to show Fawne what a real man could do.

Fawne gazed into Bones’ eyes, wondering who or what had taken over her. She took his big hands and rubbed them across her body. They were surprisingly soft. “The only way Stew'll let a man get away with touching a woman here is if she leads his hands… Tell me where you want your hands to go.”
“There.” Bones said, swallowing hard and nodding toward her exposed breasts.

Fawne led one of his hands up her belly and onto her breast. She could feel Stew watching her from the corner and nodded in his direction, letting him know that everything was okay. She took a deep breath as his hands sent sensations through her body. “Where else?” she whispered again, wanting his hands to explore her more. Wanting to guide them to the one spot that Stew’s spotlights had never hit.
“I think our time is up…” Bones informed, knowing that he couldn’t take any more of this. He was already too close to the edge, and knew that was playing with fire. Their public rendezvous was attracting a lot of attention from the other patrons, and even Stew was stewing in the corner.

Fawne felt a flush of heat rise in her cheeks. “Oh,” she whispered, pulling the pasties from the chair beside him and reapplying them without meeting his eyes. She was embarrassed. She had never gotten so carried away. She wasn’t sure what had come over her, but knew that she would never look at Bones the same way again.

“Thank you.” Bones whispered, holding her hand tight as he slid money into it. “You want a ride home again tonight?”

Fawne nodded shyly, handing him the money back. “I’ll see you at three.”

Bones sat and watched Fawne make her way around the dimly lit room. She did her normal routine, a much different kind of lap dance than the one he got. He hoped that their moment together hadn’t changed things between them. The last thing he wanted was to be shut out by her.

Fawne ignored Bones, feeling his eyes on her. She was shaken up by the feelings that she felt, so shaken up in fact, that she didn’t notice John in the corner until one of the other girls pointed him out.

“Ain’t that your fella?” Tina, the shortest stripper in the entire world asked.

“Who Bones?” Fawne asked, feeling self-conscious about their encounter.

“No, not Bones. God, we all know Bones ain’t your fella. That one at the bar. The one making eyes at you and drooling.”

Fawne looked over and saw John. His tie was loose around his neck and his hair was messy. She felt the color drain from her face. She couldn’t fall into his trap again. Not now, now ever. “I’m not feeling so good, Tina. Would you ask Stew if I can head out for the night?”

“Alright,” Tina said, giving Fawne a look and heading off to find their boss.

Fawne kept as far away from John as she could. Tina found her and said that it would be fine to leave, so Fawne headed over to tell Bones. “I’m ready…”

“You’re ready now?” Bones asked, surprised. He had just ordered another beer.

“Yes, I’ll get my things.” Fawne said, quickly hurrying to the back and sliding her white Marilyn Monroe dress back on. She usually never wore costumes home, but she wasn’t thinking straight. How dare John just show up like this! Last time she saw him he was sleeping in the bed beside her… It had been a few months, but the wound was just as fresh as it had been the next morning when she woke up abandoned.

“You’re wearing that?” Bones asked, looking down at the red pasties that were showing through the sheer dress. He pulled his flannel shirt off and wrapped it around her shoulders. “Let’s go.” Just as they headed past the bouncer, Bones spotted John and understood. He put his arm around Fawne’s waist-- suddenly wanting to protect her.

“God what a night.” Fawne said, as they pulled away from the neon lights of her literal daily grind.

“I should have punched him.” Bones said, unable to forget about John and all of the pain that he had caused Fawne.

“He’s not worth the knuckle pain, Bones.” Fawne teased, sliding a little closer to him. The wind rippled through her teased hair and picked up the end of her white dress. Despite the exchange between Bones and Fawne at the club, he was still a good friend. Fawne was thankful for Bones’ friendship.

“About earlier….”

“Shhh!” Fawne slid her finger in front of his lips and shook her head. “Don’t.”

“No, I’ve got something I want to say.” Bones wasn’t going to be shushed by an eighteen year old. “I shouldn’t have done that. I should have asked you first.”

“I didn’t mind, Bones.” Fawne whispered, she really didn’t mind. Bones had reintroduced her to feelings that she forgot existed. It was almost encouraging to realize that a man other than John could turn her on.

“You sure?”

“I’m sure.” Fawne said, opening the door and sliding her bag over her shoulder. “We’re still friends, I promise.”

Bones felt a flush of relief and a flush of disappointment. He wasn’t sure what he expected, but offered to ride the elevator up with Fawne to get his shirt back.

Realizing that her see-through get up wasn’t appropriate attire for a ritzy hotel, she handed him her bag and let him walk her up. She had never really thought about Bones being handsome, but he was. Despite his tattooed arms and shaggy hair, Bones really was striking. Nothing like John, but striking just the same.

“I feel like I should kiss a gentleman like you goodnight.” Fawne said, smiling coyly. “Especially after the heavy petting…”

Bones blushed and pulled his shirt off of her shoulders, buttoning it over his white undershirt. “Don’t feel like you owe me, Fawne.”

“I was only joking anyway…” Fawne kissed Bones on the cheek and disappeared inside. He really was a good guy, and in a strange way she couldn’t wait to see him the next night. Wouldn’t Judy get a kick out of that?