Sarah felt a bit guilty for hiding her pregnancy, but soon Clinton was over it. He understood that she was simply doing what she had to do to secure her dream of having two kids and a dog. He couldn’t blame her, he almost admired her really. It was a cut throat attitude that got him to the top of his real estate career, and he didn’t think Sarah had it in her. The baby was cute, but he kept his distance. He would wait on his real baby.

Sarah’s belly was growing, making caring for an infant even more challenging. By the time she was six months pregnant, Myers was an eighteen pound five month old who was already trying to crawl! Just as she had suspected, motherhood was a completely fulfilling experience. She woke up thinking about Myers and went to sleep thinking about him. Her only real concern was Clinton. She had to make him hold the baby everyday, and Clinton was not really bonding with the handsome blue eyed boy that would be his son forever.

Myers’ first Christmas was wonderful! Sarah dressed him in a Santa suit and Santa brought him more toys than any baby would ever need. Even Clinton bought Myers a Christmas gift, which made Sarah feel hopeful for the future. But it was March now and Clinton seemed more distant from their baby than ever. His hours at work were getting longer and longer, and Sarah knew that he had the ability to come home on time if he wanted. She just didn’t push it.

“I’m not feeling so well today,” Sarah lied. She had a plan. “Could you come home early and take Myers out for a walk or something? I’m sure he needs to get out of the house.”

Clinton agreed to leave work early, and came straight home. He looked at his wife and the chubby baby in her arms. He didn’t want to take him, but agreed. Sarah loaded his shoulder up with a diaper bag that looked more like a purse, and loaded his arms up with Myers, who was heavier than Clinton expected.

“I’m going to take a little nap, okay? Maybe come back in an hour?” Sarah encouraged her husband to stay out for an hour knowing good and well that he intended to come back in ten minutes.

“An hour?” Clinton had worked all day and didn’t feel like playing Mr. Mom, but realized that his pregnant wife was tired and needed a break. “Okay, an hour.”

Sarah smiled as her two guys headed out into the afternoon sun. There was no way that Clinton could be with Myers for an hour without falling head over heels in love with him. The days of Clinton barely acknowledging him were nearly over! They had to be.

Clinton pushed the stroller down toward the park and sat down on a bench beside his little son. Myers was too little to get out and play, but he was happy just watching the other kids play. He cooed at the woman on the bench beside Clinton who was reading Insomnia by Stephen King, she looked up from her book and smiled. She glanced at Myers’ father and smiled even bigger, “Clinton T. Malone?”

“The one and only!” Clinton flashed a dashing grin. “This is my son, Myers.”

“He’s adorable!” she smiled and closed her book. “That there, that’s my Tiffany.”

“Cute girl. How old?” Clinton was in real estate agent mode now.

“She’s four.” The woman, who was in her late twenties, fluffed up her already fluffy hair. She was star struck.

“Who knew that Clinton T. Malone had such an adorable baby?”

“I’m flattered. You’re not looking for a new home are you?” Clinton never let a possible deal slip through his fingers.

“Well, I live across the way there. The brick ranch. I want more kids, and know that we need more room.”

“Cute house. I could sell it before you buy, that way you’ll have tons of money to work with. Let’s list it and see if we get any offers…” Clinton pulled out a business card and slid it in her hand, letting his hand linger for moment in hers’.

“Let’s do.” She smiled, staring into his handsome blue eyes.

“Give me a call tomorrow. What was your name? I’d love to talk with you more.” Clinton had forgotten all about his baby, who was wimpering.

“I’m Suzie.” Suzie smiled and blushed before looking down at Myers. “I think he has a stinky diaper on. I’d be glad to change him if you’ll watch Tiffany for me. It is the least I can do!”

Clinton watched as she swished away with his baby and scanned the crowd of children playing. It was finally warming up and everyone was taking advantage of it by playing at the park. He hadn’t bothered looking when she pointed out her daughter, but he would still pretend to watch the child if it meant avoiding dirty diapers in public restrooms.

A few minutes later the woman came up and handed him Myers. “Thanks, Suzie.” Clinton smiled. “Tiffany just played and played, she didn’t even notice you were gone.”

“Tiffany had to go potty, I took her to the bathroom with us…” Suzie looked offended.

“Oh,” Clinton couldn’t think of a cover up, so he just paid special attention to strapping Myers into his stroller again. “I’ll talk to you tomorrow?”

Suzie thought about it for a second but decided that he probably thought the other little blonde girl in overalls was Tiffany by mistake. “Yes, I’ll call you tomorrow. Bye now.”

“Bye bye.” Clinton waved Myers’ hand and Suzie’s heart melted. There was nothing like a drop dead gorgeous man taking care of a baby! “Enjoy your book. Let me know how it ends, I don’t have time to read.”

Suzie giggled and headed off toward the tiny brick ranch across the way. It would be impossible to sell for most agents, but Clinton was smooth enough to sell anything. He had just the family in mind. “We make a pretty good team, Myers. We may be visiting the park more often!”

Myers blew bubbles and reached for his Daddy’s face. Clinton dodged the spit drenched little hands and scanned the park for more housewives to give business cards to.

“Have fun?” Sarah was in the kitchen starting dinner. She didn’t take a nap, there was too much housework to catch up on. Her belly looked like it had grown in the last hour, maybe it was the apron cinched under her bust. Clinton put Myers in his highchair and headed down the hall for a shower, ignoring her question. “Hey my cutie pie baby boy! Mommy loves you! Mommy does!”

Myers’ face lit up as he grinned at his silly Mommy. Sarah’s life was complete, whether or not Clinton was on board with the direction it was heading or not. She had never felt more fulfilled!