Twenty Three

Some days Sarah couldn't help but feel like a single Mom. Clinton had come around more since Dinah was born, but at the same time he was still the sole bread winner of the family and had to work. He was a good Dad and as the kids grew, their relationship seemed to inch along as well. They had date night once a month. Sarah looked forward to a few hours away from diapers and snot and Clinton looked forward to having his face out in public. He was always recognized, always handing out business cards, and always assured Sarah that the women who swooned over him were one sided.
"I just don't understand," Sarah swallowed a sip of wine and adjusted her loose blouse. All of her clothes were growing too big for her now that she chased around a toddler and lugged around a chubby baby girl. She rarely made time for herself and that included eating. If it wasn't for Clinton being home for dinner more now, she wouldn't even bother to eat that. "You say these beautiful women don't phase you, but how could they not?"
Clinton swallowed hard and searched his mind for something comforting to say. What exactly could he say? What man's ego wouldn't be stroked by attention from beautiful women? How could he not notice the fact that women seemed to melt in his company on a daily basis? "Honestly I do notice," he started, hoping that it wouldn't lead down a path of anger and regret. "But it doesn't matter. I don't need them, I've got you." He flashed his award winning smile in her direction.
The blonde waitress slid the check to him and smiled, flipping her hair as she leaned in to slowly take away his empty plate. What perfect timing. Sarah watched as Clinton smiled back. She almost thought she saw his eye twinkle as she rolled her own eyes. "But you eat it up."
"I don't eat it up." Clinton had no idea that he had just flirted back right in front of his wife. "My face is out there Sarah. I have to live up to the hype and be charismatic. If I had a different line of work none of this would be an issue."
Sarah thought about it and decided that he had a point. A small one, but a logical one that would keep the insecurities that she felt at bay. He was handsome... Even a nun would take a second look at Clinton Malone. How could she not? "Let's get out of here."
"Let's." Clinton stood a helped his wife from her chair, kissing her cheek gently. "I love you, Sarah."
"I love you, too." She said with a broad smile. It was obvious that he still did. Even after all of the years they had been together and even after the deceit that she displayed all those months ago. "I want to call Mom and check on the kiddies before we decide what to do next."
"Next?" Clinton asked in amazement. Usually they rushed back home so that she could resume her motherly duties. It had been weeks since they had made love and Clinton couldn't help but hope that his wife's nude body would make its way against his own in the near future. They had been intimate for many years and she knew exactly what he liked. More than anyone else could, Sarah could fulfill the urges that being noticed by so many women could pump into a man's veins. She was exactly what he needed tonight.
The couple giggled and blushed as they pulled into the motel parking lot. When Sarah heard from her Mother that both of the little ones were already fast asleep she informed her that they would be catching a movie before coming home. That bought them a few hours to enjoy each other and she suggested paying for a hotel instead of parking and making love in the car as they would have done in high school. Clinton, didn't protest. He drove them to a cheap motel and headed inside to secure a room.
"Let's pretend that we don't know each other. We only met at the restaurant an hour ago." Sarah said, surprising her husband. This wasn't like her. She must have really felt threatened by the feminine attention he had attracted. She was staking her claim back in him and it was working. He'd be the first to admit that. "I'm Cindy, what's your name?"
Clinton's jaw dropped as he stepped out of the elevator. He couldn't think of an exciting name and said "I'm George."
Sarah giggled and bit her lip. "Nice to meet you. Now let's make love."
The rest of the evening was out of character for Sarah, but it felt liberating in it's own way. She was Cindy, the fun and flirty girl who spotted George and couldn't wait to undress him. Clinton fell into her games like putty and before they knew it neither of them wanted to head back home to the reality that faced them. For a little while, they were the familiar strangers that they had always longed to be.